General Q&A
  1. What is CAD reader used for? Can it download or edit drawings?
    CAD reader is a fast viewer of dwg drawing, with CAD reader, you can view drawings, measure data and make comments by your laptop and phone whenever and wherever possible. You cannot edit or download drawings with CAD reader.
  2. Is CAD reader free?
    CAD reader has basic functions and VIP functions. All the basic functions are free while the VIP functions need to be subscribed.
  3. What kinds of files can be opened by CAD reader?
    Files format of .dwg and .dxf can be opened by CAD reader.
    If .dwg and .dxf file are compressed in .zip or .rar files, CAD reader will identify the files automatically.
  4. What is the unit of measurement in CAD reader?
    The measurement results are decided by the geometry entity and the unit is generally formulated in the design description on the drawing.