Functions Overview
  1. What are the toolbar in the bottom and menu in the top right corner used for?
    • Comment: the first icon from left is used for comment, including drawing rectangles, ellipses, lines, texts and voices.
    • Measure: the second left icon is used for measuring length, coordinates, and scale.
    • Photo: the third left icon is used for adding photos to the drawing.
    • Layer management: the fourth left icon is used for managing layers. The layers can be opened or closed by clicking the yellow bulbs.
    • Layout switching: the fifth left icon is used for switching between model and layouts.
    • RE: click on the regen button to make the arc smoother.
    • Setting: the icon on the rightmost is used for setting comment color, background color and drawing color.
  2. Menu:
    • Switching between portrait and landscape orientation.
    • Viewing the drawing in full size.
    • Hiding the comments when you don’t need, click again to show comments.
    • Clearing all the comments in the drawing.
    • Finding the text you need in the drawing.
About Comments
  1. How can I save the comments made by CAD reader?
    Comments in local drawings that are made by CAD reader will be automatically saved in your device.
  2. Why can't I find my comments?
    • The name of the drawing has been changed. Local drawings and comments are identified by the name of the drawings. If you have changed the name of the original drawing, CAD Reader cannot detect the comments according to the new name.
      Solution: Change the drawing to the original name.
    • Mobile phone was once cleaned. If you didn't change drawing name, maybe you have deleted the comments while cleaning up your phone.
      Solution: Once you have cleaned up the comments, they cannot be regained. We suggest that you should pay attention to the cleaning items next time and do not clean up files that are related to the comments (.gcrx file).
  3. How to delete comments?
    • Delete single comment: Select the comment you want to delete, click the "Close" button, and then click "Yes" to delete it.
    • Delete all comments: Click the menu on the top right corner of the interface, then select "Clear Comments" to delete all comments.
  4. How to hide/show comments?
    Click the menu on the top right corner of the interface, then select "Hide Comments" to hide all comments, and click again to show comments.
About Display
  1. Why there's no content in the drawing or it's a mess?
    If there are some problems with the display of contents, it might be the following situations:
    • Contents in the drawings are disordered or incomplete.
      Solution: Click toolbar on the bottom to switch from model to layout, for some contents are designed in the part of layout.
    • The drawing is incomplete and lack of walls and axes, it doesn't help by switching to layouts.
      Reason: Usually this is due to the existence of external reference which doesn't belong to a part of the drawing but is necessarily needed for the display of contents.
      Solution: send external reference files to your phone and CAD reader will identify it automatically.
About Drawings
  1. How to find drawings in your phone?
    If there are some problems with the display of contents, it might be the following situations:
    • Use the Search function: You can find your drawings by using Search function. Click the Search function button on the bottom right corner of the main interface, enter the full or partial name of the drawing, then click the magnifier icon to search it on your phone. Then click the right drawing on the searched list to open it.
    • Use "Local Drawings": Just click on the top right corner of the main interface or slide the main interface to the right to expand the main menu, then select "Local Drawings" to find the target drawings as desired.
      Note: Only unpacked drawing files can be located.
  2. What causes it to quit or slow in opening a drawing?
    If the above circumstances happen, usually it is because the size of the drawing is too large(>5M) or there are too many applications running on the phone at the same time. You can split the drawing by Auto Cad or close some applications.
  3. How to find commonly-used drawings quickly on your phone?
    Adding to Drawing Collection: After finding your target drawings by using the Search function or in local drawings, sparkle the five-pointed star behind. Then you can find it on the Drawings Collection interface. You can also dim the star to remove drawings or folders files from Drawings Collection.
  4. How to delete drawings?
    Find the drawings in CAD reader and click on the round button on the right, and choose the delete option in the menu.
  5. How to view drawings attached in e-mails?
    • First, log in your mailbox by using explorers or E-mail on your phone.
    • Second, download the drawings in the attachment and choose to open them with CAD Reader.
  6. How to share drawings to other people?
    Click the round button with three dots on the right, select send drawing option and the application where you want to share drawings, e.g. whatsapp.
About Search Function
  1. What is searching function used for? How to use it?
    The searching function can help you to find all the dwg and dxf drawings on your phone.
    • When you need to find certain drawings but don’t know its storage location, you can input the name of the drawing in the textbox and click the searching icon to find it quickly.
    • When you need to check all the drawings on your phone or you don’t know the name of the drawing, you can click the searching icon directly without entering any words, then all the drawings in the phone will be found.
About layer management
  1. How to choose to view certain layers?
    Click the layer button to see layer list, click on each line to close certain layer, once a layer is closed, the golden bulb on the left will turn gray, and click again to open the layer.