Glodon CAD Reader
As a CAD drawing viewer developed by Glodon Company Limited, CAD Reader is one of the fastest, most lightweight and powerful CAD drawing viewers.
Basic functions:
  • Layer management, length and area measurement, coordinate and scale setting, comments, search and find, print, etc.
  • All the basic functions are free to use.
VIP functions:
CAD Reader also provides you with some advanced functions, see below.
CAD Reader also provides some premium VIP functions
Layer Management
Hide/Unhide all or specific layers as you need.
Extract texts/table
To extract the texts to the clipboard and extract tables from the drawing to the Excel.
To measure the length and area of arc, polyline and circle. Able to show section lengths and get perpendicular distance
To modify the comment properties, manage the external reference,and draw a straight line.
Drawing settings
To show the original drawing in grey, convert dwg file version, and partially export drawing.
Quantity Survey
To identify and count the target entities,then view and quickly position the entities.
To add multiline text, modify, move and duplicate your text.
To find the content in a specific area of the drawing and export the results to excel.
Export & Import
To export or import drawings with comments.
Provide the highly precise experience for professionals from the AEC industry
Fast and Adaptive
Quick start and open file, flexible and smooth operation. Compatible of all types of fonts, switching freely between model and layout.
Lightweight and Easy-to-use
It only takes up 27MB of storage space and is quite easy to learn and use.
Support various kinds of comments such as line, text polygon, photo and sound recordings. Available to do length and area measurement, layer management and quick quantity survey.
Timely service
Instant online counseling service, providing help and instructions.
Provide the highly precise experience for professionals from the AEC industry
  • CADReader V3.3.2.8
  • Update time: 2020-08-04
  • What's New
    1. Add measure angle function.
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  • CADReader V3.5.0
  • Update time: 2020-06-06
  • What's New
    1. Added the function of drawing straight line comment, the drawn straight line can be captured in the measurement
    2. New functions of measuring area and measuring arc
    3. Added the function of exporting drawing and comments, the exported files can be sent to other devices for viewing
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